Navigating a complex reality

The changes in our society have never been as profound as now – and neither has the pace of change. People live longer, our world is more inter-dependent and inter-connected – and people are re evaluating and changing their priorities in life. Driven by curiosity, creativity and need, people develop new, ground-breaking technologies that penetrates every corner of our lives. Companies evolve and create new business models and value chains. And new business models generate new demands and requires yet another set of technologies.

Our mission at Jungenfelt is to help our clients to navigate in this complex reality. We strive to take the mystery out of this chaos by sorting out what changes and trends are impacting the most and how they interrelate. At the same time we provide an outside-in view on our client’s own reality. Sorting out the vital insights from the noise, understanding their dependencies and focusing on opportunities, is one of the ways that we are connecting the dots. Based on these insights, we help clients to transform and stay ahead in an ever
evolving business environment.

Get to know us

Jungenfelt Consulting provides executives and decision makers with strategic, data-based advisory services. Our clients range from start-up tech companies to global multinationals.

Our approach

Our Collective Intelligence approach helps you analyze your business 
from a wide array of sources, before implementing strategic changes
 in your organization. Click below to learn more.

Connecting the dots

Most of our clients are decision makers, active in dynamic, evolving markets that transform rapidly. Our Collective Intelligence Approach gives them access to all relevant perspectives of their business, before going forward with strategic changes. Implementing new strategic directions often means new technologies and operational models – as well as new ecosystems. Engaging with us gives our clients access to to our broad network of experts, in academia as well as industry.

What our customer say

"Working with Jungenfelt Consulting led to a new way of dealing with business intelligence and customer opportunities"

The Challenge

Qamcom faced a need to clarify and improve our processes that related to business intelligence and customer and strategy development. Knowing the experience that Dag Jungenfelt has in relation to this for technology companies like Qamcom, led us to let Jungenfelt Consulting work with us on this topic.

The Solution

Jungenfelt Consulting led our internal discussions and crafted the framework for an updated model of how Qamcom works with these issues.

The Results

The challenge was handled in a very good way and led to a new way of dealing with business intelligence and customer opportunities. The solution was well integrated into the existing framework and the solution also reflected very much of Qamcom’s identity.

"We got the review we asked for, quickly and professionally, and we were able to adopt our strategy accordingly"

The Challenge

In our company we had a need for a review of our current portfolio and its fit in the global market place. We needed someone with the relevant experience – technically and marketwise to do the job.

The Solution

Jungenfelt provided resources that covered our needs very well, and above all brought a professional and positive attitude to the table.

The Results

The Results – We got the review we asked for, quickly and professionally, and we were able to adopt our strategy accordingly.