Our Approach

Collective Intelligence. At your fingertips.

In today’s market place what we consider true and relevant is continually challenged by innovative, disruptive technologies and new business models. Their influence on the global marketplace and our societies is wide reaching. Having access to relevant data from multiple sources is key to benefit from first mover advantages and to monetize technology breakthroughs.

We help you gather, filter and analyze key factors from a multitude of channels and sources. And we present them for you in a structured, actionable strategic roadmap. Using our broad network of strategic advisors, researchers and analysts within the private and public sector, we provide a full picture of your current marketplace and its opportunities and threats.

1. Analyze

We base the analysis on a multitude of sources to give you a full picture of your current marketplace from a societal, technological and business perspective.

2. Advice

We work closely with you and your team to facilitate competitive and realistic strategic decisions and break them down into concrete actions.


3. Implement

Through our experienced advisors you get access to extensive knowledge and experience of implementing strategic changes in organizations.

We help you develop a Strategic Roadmap

Insights and conclusions fall short if not transferred into actionable plans. Plans must be anchored in the organisation’s current position and driven by its wanted position. We can’t set your strategic road map. But we can be instrumental in supporting you doing just that. And, since your own reality and business environment is dynamic, so must your roadmap. That’s where we come into place. By using tailored Collective Intelligence, we help you connecting the dots to make future-oriented and data-based plans.

Collective Intelligence.
Focused on your reality.

What we take for granted, or even consider relevant, in today’s business landscape is continuously challenged by innovative, disruptive technologies and new business models. Building and maintaining an understanding of the forces determining your operational reality is key to the future success of your organization. We don’t just gather and structure a large number of data sources in our intelligence reports. Together with you we tailor the scope and help you to interpret the results and prioritize the data in clear, manageable reports and documentation.

Strategic Partnership from Idea to Execution

Execution is everything. No insight is better than its conversion into an action plan. And any plan not executed is worthless. But we are not your typical strategy consultant – think of us as your partner in strategy development as well as execution. In addition to our own capabilities in making a strategic intent a reality, working with us means access to our network of domain experts, researchers and analysts within the private and public sector.

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