What we do

Turning complex data into actionable strategy.

Key technology breakthroughs in computing, connectivity and data science have not only turned the business landscape up-side down within several industries. The business models and value chains will be heavily impacted in every corner of our professional – and private – lives.

Therefore, making educated, strategic decisions that take into account societal, business and technological aspects and their interdependences is challenging. Yet, it is probably more important than ever to connect the dots and develop strategies to do just that.

We help you develop a strategic roadmap

That’s where we come into place. By using a tailored Collective Intelligence Approach to analyze your business and market logic using a wide array of sources, we help you connecting the dots to make future-oriented and data-based decisions.

From idea generation to strategy execution

Most of our clients are companies active in dynamic markets that evolve and transform rapidly. Therefore, our advisory services are no one-time efforts. Once we have gathered and analyzed data, we can also provide capacity for executing the strategy in a structured and results-oriented way.

Who is it for?

We work across a large range of verticals and industries. Our clients are typically decision makers at technology providers, system houses and companies implementing disruptive technologies. Although, traditionally, we have been more involved with technology and software providers we see an increasing interest from less technology intense organizations, looking to find a competitive advantages in the new, digital business landscape.

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